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Patty L
Oakland , CA

This shop is a dream come true. From the moment I spoke to Bieu over the phone, I knew that I was going to get the best service and reasonable prices here. Someone swiped off my car’s side mirror and the whole thing needed to be replaced. I called around for a couple of places and this place was by far the cheapest. Bieu worked with me and helped me weigh out my options. He was extremely patient, sincere, and knowledgeable. He even asked me to email him photos of my damaged mirror so he could make sure to get the right product.

When I got the shop at 9:30am last Monday, I was promptly greeted and asked to sign a few forms. The receptionist was extremely courteous and efficient! I was quite happy and the whole process only took about an hour, and they even let me use their ethernet cable so I could check my email.

I give this place mad props for their customer service and low prices! and MAJOR BONUS: they throw in a free car wash!!

Leena K.
Oakland, CA

These guys were really straightforward and on top of it. I took in my car for a 60K service yesterday afternoon, and I was immediately approached by a friendly dude who had asked me a couple of questions, had me write down my deets, gave me a very reasonable estimate, and told me he’d give me a call when the car was ready.

He called an hour or so later updating me about the work that had been done, and informing me of some recommendations, such as also changing the front brake pads, pursuant to my reckless driving. He gave me a new itemized estimate for the additional parts and services, which I OK’d. He said he would give me a call once everything was done.

And it was done with impressive speed. When I went to pick it up, I again was given a clear break-down of all items, and they had given me a nice discounted round figure. The dude asked how I had heard about them, and I said through Yelp. He said that since it was through Yelp, I got a free carwash and vacuum as well. Sweet! Although they wouldn’t have known it was through Yelp when they did the carwash and vacuuming, so I think they just do it anyway. ;)

I was very happy to have my car efficiently serviced (and cleaned!) for a reasonable price.

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